The Geometry and Mechanics of the Shining Trapezohedron

the_haunter_of_the_dark_by_peteamachree                     The Haunter of the Dark by Pete Amachree

“The Haunter of the Dark” is Lovecraft’s sequel to Robert Bloch’s “The Shambler from the Stars” where the surviving protagonist, named Robert Blake, goes to Providence to write a novel.  While in Providence he becomes obsessed with a large, deserted church on Federal Hill. Eventually, his obsession leads him to breaking into the church and discover the “Shining Trapezohedron,” which appears to be the door or window to other worlds or universes. This article focuses on the Shining Trapezohedron.

Simply put, a trapezohedron is a sold figure where its faces are either trapeziums or trapezoids. A trapezium is a quadrilateral with no parallel sides, while a trapezoid is a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides.

trapezium                                                                      A trapezium; no parallel sides

isosceles_trapezoid                                                                                                A trapezoid; with one pair of parallel sides

In contrast, in discussing the development of crystalline minerals the word trapezohedron refers to a polyhedron formally known as a deltoidal icositetrahedron.

5e5937d817efee14543715eaf82f9077-d3fwqxl                                                                                                                A polyhedron shape

The strange crystal Blake finds in the church turns out to be a four inch “…nearly black, red-striated polyhedron with many irregular flat surfaces; either a very remarkable crystal of some sort or an artificial object of carved and highly polished mineral matter.” While the trapezohedron could be shaped like a crystalline polyhedron, since Lovecraft described it as having may irregular flat surfaces, it more than likely had trapezium sides; that is, a quadrilateral with no parallel sides.

The trapezohedron was suspended in a yellow-metal box with a metal band around its center with seven spoke-like horizontal extensions connecting the metal band to the interior of the box. As previously mentioned, the trapezohedron appears to be some type of door or window that immediately draws the attention of sentient beings. Once Blake looks at the crystalline shape he has a difficult time looking away. As he looks into the trapezohedron Blake sees “half-formed worlds” and “alien orbs with grant stone towers.”

the_unspeakable_trapezohedron_by_alanmac95-d8y5bbp The Unspeakable Trapezohedron by Alanmac 95 (

In the dark of the abandoned church the trapezohedron begins to glow with a phosphorescence of radioactivity. More than likely this a reference of the glow associated with radium, which is a chemical element with an atomic number of 88. As radium decays, ionizing radiation is the result, which can excite fluorescent chemicals and cause radioluminescence. Essentially, light is produced when the ionizing radiation, being generated by the decaying radium, hits the fluorescent material. It must have been a strange sight to see that black, red-striated trapezohedron emanate the strange fox-fire glow. Blake felt a presence in the church steeple so he immediately closes the box, snapping the lid down. Subsequent to this he begins to hear a soft stirring as something is moving overhead. Blake attributes this to rats and immediately leaves the church leaving the trapezohedron.

shining-trapezohedron-by-terpandre The Shining Trapezohedron by Terpandre (

Based on this documented account there appears to be an established protocol in order for the Haunter of the Dark to enter our Universe through the trapezohedron. First, the Haunter needs to get the attention of a sentient entity. Once this inter-dimensional connection is made complete darkness is required. Thus, it behooves the Haunter to put fear and paranoia into the receiving entity, forcing them to close the box. This puts the trapezohedron into complete darkness, which is required for the Haunter to enter our Universe. Based on the documentation provided by Blake, the Haunter is either weakened or injured by light (more on that in the next article).

So, what makes the trapezohedron so special as a portal or means of either observing or entering another Universe? It is possible that the trapezohedron is a means of accessing the higher dimensions that are predicted to exist beyond the four we are familiar with as per super string theory. The trapezohedron may be a portal that allows us to peer into other Universe but also allows the Haunter to enter ours. It is not known if humans could use the trapezohedron to travel through hyperspace, similar to the way Keziah Mason and Walter Gilman do in “Dreams in the Witch-House” through the use of mathematics. However, using the trapezohedron to travel through time, space and beyond could be more dangerous since it appears other beings can use it as well. While the exact mechanisms and engineering associated with the operation of the trapezohedron may be beyond our understanding, at least for now, as a crystalline polyhedron in our reality we can hypothesize how such a device may operate in our physical Space-Time.

77ec7ad3d95035aef5341c9ffd2035e7                     The Haunter of the Dark by Nestor Avalos

Recently, work has been conducted on a technique called electromagnetically induced transparency, which involves firing a control laser at a cryogenically-cooled, opaque crystal made of yttrium silicate and covered with the chemical element praseodymium ( A control laser is fired at the opaque crystal, make it transparent and a second light source is subsequently beamed into the crystal. The control laser is then turned off, marking the crystal once again opaque. This essentially traps the second light beam inside the crystal. German scientists have effectively “stopped” light for 60 seconds with the use of this technology. They essentially stopped something (light) that travels at a speed of 186,282 miles per second.

race_figure2                           The race has been on for years to slow down the speed of light (

This scientific breakthrough of stopping or at least slowing down light could have a large impact on our everyday lives. Such quantum communication could encrypt large amounts of information on a sub-atomic level and then send it over very long distances. However, in the case of the trapezohedron such quantum communication maybe how Blake could peer into the crystal and see other times, worlds and universes. Additionally, the transfer of extremely large amounts of information (and possibly matter?) over vast distances and outside of conventional Space-Time where the speed of light may not be a limitation (hyperspace?) may be the mode of transportation used by the Haunter.

Again, all of this is sheer speculation since we know almost nothing about how the trapezohedron operates. However, the development of hypotheses and their subsequent testing is how progress is made in science. Thus, if anyone has a shining trapezohedron, a cryogenically-cooled experiment involving electromagnetically induced transparency may be in order! Next time we will discuss the biology of the Haunter. Thank you – Fred.

shiningtrapazohedron2_5-348x393                                                                                       The Shining Trapezohedron




5 thoughts on “The Geometry and Mechanics of the Shining Trapezohedron

  1. The Shining Trapezohedron was said to have been fashioned on Yuggoth, whether by the Mi-Go or by the mysterious race (which I suspect was the Flying Polyps) that preceded them on that world is not stated. As both the Mi-Go and the Flying Polyps are manifestly not native to our space-time continuum, it would make sense that they could create such an object. Perhaps it was originally used for communication with and travel to whatever continuum they originally came from. One also wonders if the Shining Trapezohedron is not so much a material artifact endowed with strange other-universal properties as a literal piece of another universe drawn into ours and somehow solidified.

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