Beyond Yuggoth and Heading for the Kuiper Belt

mi-go1 Mi-Go by Steve Maschuck

Last year in July the New Horizons spacecraft passed by the Yuggothian system and is now currently heading for the Kuiper Belt, which is a disc-shaped region beyond the orbit of Neptune that contains a variety of icy bodies including dwarf planets (like Yuggoth) and comets.  The Kuiper Belt includes estimated hundreds of thousands of icy bodies and a trillion or more comets (  These icy bodies are representations of a time when our solar system was significantly younger.  Thus, by studying these bodies we can obtain a better understanding of how the solar system developed.

kuiper_belt-1 The expected journey of the New Horizons spacecraft through the Kuiper Belt (

In April of 2016 New Horizons obtained some valuable data on one of these Kuiper Belt Objects (called KBOs), named 1994 JR1. This KBO is approximately 145 kilometers wide (9 miles wide) and orbits the sun at a distance of more than 5 billion kilometers (3 billion miles). The data recently collected revealed that 1994 JR1 is spinning relatively fast, at a rate of once every 5.4 hours ( Additionally, the collected data has helped to dispel the idea that JR1 may be a “quasi-satellite” of Pluto.

Do the Mi-Go use or mine the KBOs? Do some of the KBOs have strategic, interstellar or inter-dimensional value to the Mi-Go in their travels between our solar system and the outer voids? Why is 1994 JR1 spinning so fast? Is it being used as a source of energy? Is 1994 JR1 an artificial structure built by the Mi-Go? As New Horizons continues to survey and collect data on the Kuiper Belt maybe these questions will be answers. Or maybe the Mi-Go will have other plans for the New Horizons spacecraft.

mi_go_concept_01_by_nathanrosario Mi-Go by Nathan Rosario

Next time we will conclude our discussion of Ubbo-Sathla. Also, if you are interested in more information on the Lovecraftian Solar System, please check out our second Kickstarter campaign for the Journal of Lovecraftian Science, Volume 2 (  Thank you – Fred.


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