The Arrival of the Insects of Shaggai, Part 1

This is Part 1 of a two part final article on “The Insects From Shaggai,” as documented by Mr. Ramsey Campbell. In this concluding discussion we review the various species and entities encountered by the Shaggai from the destruction of their world to their eventual colonization of Earth. When Shaggai was destroyed, presumably by Ghroth, at small group of Shaggai used one of their temples to teleport to another world. We know that Insects from Shaggai are from another Universe since they are made up of different matter than we are; however, they did end up in our Universe and this article briefly documents their travels.


Possibly a temple transport of the Insects of Shaggai (

The first world the Insects from Shaggai ended up on was the nearest planet called Xiclotl by in inhabitants. More than likely this world is also located in the Shaggai Universe and is probably even in the same star system as Shaggai. If this is the case, there is no documentation that this world was also destroyed by Ghroth. Approximately 40 of the Insects escaped Shaggai through the teleportation temple. However, once they arrived on Xiclotl the Insects communicated with other off-world Insects to let them know what happened and asked them all to meet on Xiclotl. It is not known if any other Insects joined them and if so how many.


An inhabitant of Xiclotl by Michael Bukowski (

On Xiclotl the Insects encountered a species of semi-intelligent, carnivorous, metallic grey, tree-like entities. While carnivorous, the “Xiclotlians” were slow moving and were relatively easy to control by the Insects through telepathy. The Insects used the Xiclotlians as a labor work force. The long-lived Insects did not stay on Xiclotl any longer than two hundred years due to the strange religious practices of the Xiclotlians, where they routinely sacrificed some of their own to a strange plant-race, which lived in the bottom of a sheer-sided pit. While the plant-race was considered to be a “god” to the Xiclotlians, it is possible that this plant-race was a large, global, clonal organism with mycelium-like extensions threading throughout the subsoil of the planet Xiclotl; this would be similar to many of the mycorrhizal fungi that form symbiotic relationships with plant roots on our world. Maybe the supplemental feeding of the plant-god contributed toward some unknown environmental benefit to the Xiclotlians. In any event, these religious practices made the Insects very uneasy and when they eventually saw the strange plant-god slither out of the pit they left Xiclotl, taking some of its inhabitants with them as a work force.


Strange plant-god the Xiclotlians worship by Michael Bukowski (

The next world the Insects ended up on was Thuggon, which was documented to be in another galaxy (thus the Insects were probably still in their native Universe). They stayed on this world for less than a year due to some unknown force preying on both their Xiclotl slaves and themselves. The next world they ended up on was known to its inhabitants as L’gy’hx; to us this world is known as Uranus. Thus, from Thuggon to L’gy’hx the Insects conducted some inter-dimensional jump or shift where they left their Universe and entered ours.


A photograph of L’gy’hx (to us known as Uranus) displaying its tilt (

The Insects would live on L’gy’hx for many centuries. The inhabitants of L’gy’hx were a relatively peaceful species of cuboid many-legged metal beings. L’gy’hx (again to us known as Uranus) is unique in our solar system in that it’s the only gas giant planet where its equator is almost at right angles to its orbit ( A large collision with an Earth-sized object centuries to millennia ago may be responsible for its tilt – were the Insects responsible for this tilt? It is said that their temple was old and dilapidated due to so much interstellar and inter-dimensional travel. In fact, once on L’gy’hx the Insects built a new temple; they “fashioned it [the new temple] in a conical shape, carefully constructing the multi-dimensional gate which must exist in each temple…” Here we have confirmation that temples were inter-dimensional transports. Also, is it possible that the inter-dimensional “jump” from their Universe to ours resulted in them crash landing on L’gy’hx, producing the unusual tilt we see today?

In Part 2 we will discuss the Insect’s experiences on L’gy’hx and how they eventually ended up on Earth. Thank you – Fred.


An Insect from Shaggai attacks a resident of Earth (by Jb Lee)



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