The Insects From Shaggai Part 3, the Destruction of Shaggai


Insect From Shaggai by Parallel Who (

In previous articles it has been hypothesized that Shaggai may be the ninth planet that may exist beyond Pluto. However, a more detailed review into Mr. Ramsey Campbell’s documentation of the history of the Shaggai civilization revealed that this is very unlikely. First, similar to the Fungi from Yuggoth, the Insects from Shaggai are made of different matter than us and their world (Shaggai) was more than likely on the outer edge of the known universe or, more likely, in an entirely different universe with natural laws that are slightly different from ours. Additional evidence to support this is the twin green suns; stars in our universe are not known to emit largely green light but instead can be dominated by blues or reds. However, the final piece of evidence that Shaggai is not the ninth planet is the fact that it was world was destroyed “…many eons before their advent on earth.”

Although Shaggai is clearly not the ninth planet of our solar system, it is interesting to document how their world was destroyed and how this led to their eventual arrival on Earth. As previously mentioned these beings probably come from another universe and how their homeworld was destroyed provides more evidence in support of this hypothesis.


Insect of Shaggai by Toren Atkinson

According to the Insect that merged with the protagonist in “The Insects From Shaggai” one day on Shaggai a semi-spherical red globe appeared on the horizon. While the edges were fuzzy and indistinct, the center had a sharply defined point of “crimson fire.” Additionally, the Insects recognized that this object, heading toward Shaggai was not a star or planet and was composed of some unknown material (unknown material relative to their universe). They also stated that the EM spectrum of the object was completely unknown to them. Thus, either the EM radiation generated by the object is alien to the “Shaggai universe” or the Insects cannot perceive this wavelength of energy.

Since we know the color green is a stable for of EM radiation in the stars within the Insect’s universe, it may be possible that in their universe there is a “shift” in the EM spectrum where red and longer wavelengths of EM (e.g. radio waves) are not common or largely absent. In turn, if such long wavelength, low-energy, non-ionizing radiation is not present in the Insect universe then they would not have evolved to be able to perceive them.

We can see the colors of the EM spectrum because they are the most abundant wavelengths that reach the Earth’s surface from our sun; life on Earth evolved in the presence of light. In turn, if life evolved on a world or in a universe where gamma rays or X-rays were the dominant forms of EM radiation (assuming these high energy wavelengths do not damage the biological tissues of these forms of life, which would be the case if they evolved in such an environment), then this life should be able to perceive this radiation (the way we can “see” light) and possibly utilize it (like plants use light for photosynthesis). This begs the question, can the Insect from Shaggai “see” gamma ray or X-ray radiation? If this is the case then maybe they could only “see” the globe of crimson fire with some type of technology the way we can “see” X-rays in the universe with special telescopes.


The EM spectrum in our universe

Alternatively, maybe the Insects can’t see red light but they can perceive it in some manner and in turn perhaps this was conveyed in some manner to the protagonist in Campbell’s tale, with the net result being his understanding of it as “red” in the Insect’s documentation of the destruction of his civilization. An analogy of this would be someone blind from birth describing a banana by its taste, odor, shape and texture and a person with sight understanding with this information that bananas are yellow.

Once the globe reached Shaggai there was a crimson flash in the sky and those Insects that were within a protective shield watched as their world was bathed in a red light.  The Insects who were exposed to this light began to glow with a crimson light from within; the color of the light changed from red to orange to yellow to a blinding white light and then the exposed “insect-beings writhed and clawed at themselves in helpless agony.” The Insects then burst or exploded into bright globes of light. The surviving Insects used their technology to teleport their protective temple to a planet called Xiclotl. This crimson radiation appeared to have nearly wiped out the Insects from Shaggai but also destroyed Shaggai itself.


Was the Outer God Ghroth repsonsible for the destruction of Shaggai? (illustration by Michael Bukowski;

There has been much speculation over the nature of the semi-spherical red globe with a crimson fire center that delivered the crimson radiation to Shaggai. For example, if it was composed of “alien matter” in the Shaggai Universe, it is possible that the red globe originated from our Universe; however, it is just as plausible that it originated from yet another parallel Universe. Does low-energy, long-wavelengths, such as reds, microwaves or even radio waves, harm the Insects? If so, it may be possible to kill the Insects with a microwave or heat wave weapon. The Insects from Shaggai may be better adapted to surviving, or even existing, in high energy fields of ionizing radiation but yet may be very susceptible to low-energy non-ionizing radiation such as microwaves or radio waves.

In contrast, keep in mind that as the Insects on Shaggi died the light changed in color from the reds to oranges to yellow sand then turned to white light. Did this shift continue into the high-energy, ionizing portion of the EM spectrum? If this is the case, then the Insect-matter may be more similar to ours in that ionizing radiation (X-rays, gamma ray) can have substantially damaging impacts on their biological tissues.

One concluding thought; the semi-spherical red globe may not be a natural phenomenon from this or another universe. There is the hypothesis that the celestial red globe is an Outer god known as Ghroth the Harbinger. Very little is known about this entity other than it appears to travel through the universe or multiple universes destroying world-bound life through its generated fields of radiation. It is thought that this entity is the red globe that destroyed Shaggai and may in fact be responsible for at least some of the “big five” mass extinctions that have occurred in Earth’s history. However, more data needs to be collected on this interstellar object, whether it’s a natural phenomenon or a living entity, in order to provide evidence for this hypothesis.

Was Ghroth also responsible for the five mass extinctions that have occurred over Earth’s history? (

In the next article we will conclude our discussions of the Insects from Shaggai by documenting their travels from their universe to our world. Thank you – Fred.



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