Feed Cthulhu!

I want to encourage everyone to check out #FeedCthulhu by Ross E. Lockhart. Make a food donation to any organization or food charity of any amount and Ross will send you the ebook version of Cthulhu Fhtagn! his latest Lovecraftian anthology!

The key is to post essentially what your donation was on social media:

I fed Cthulhu [your donation] to [organization] #FeedCthulhu @lossrockhart
Don’t forget to include the hashtag (#FeedCthulhu) and Ross’s Twitter handle (@lossrockhart) so that he can see–and share–your post. Also you can send a link of your post via email to:publicity@wordhorde.com.I do not have a copy of this anthology so I am looking forward to obtaining a copy through a few donations and it is for a very good cause! For more details please check out: 
Thank you! Fred.



2 thoughts on “Feed Cthulhu!

  1. I am incredibly disturbed by the fact that so many food charities are actually giving their food to Cthulhu, instead of needy humans, that Lockhart feels no need to actually specify a particular charity.

    How far does the conspiracy go?

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