More Notes on Yuggoth, Part 8


A view of Yuggoth from the New Horizons spacecraft. Is this what the Mi-Go “see” when they enter the thin atmosphere of this outpost (

Shown below is an enhanced false color image of the terrain of Yuggoth (to some known as Pluto). These 3_D topographic maps identify two mountains, named Wright Mons and Piccard Mons. The color blue represents lower elevations, green is intermediate and brown represents higher elevations (


A 3-D false color image of the surface of Yuggoth (

Based on the terrain of these two mountains it is possible that they are volcanoes or more appropriately named  cryovolcanoes. Instead of spewing molten rock as volcanoes do on Earth, cryovolcanoes may spit out a melted slurry of material such as water ice, nitrogen, ammonia or methane ( Do the Mi-Go use these cryovolcanoes as a source of energy or food?  More to come from New Horizons!



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