Notes from Yuggoth part 6 (mysterious dark blotches and lesser satellites)


Mi-Go by the King Ov Rats (

It is going to take NASA weeks to months to receive all of the data from New Horizons and to process, analyze and interpret the received information. Thus, I will periodically post notes from Yuggoth over the next few months. However, for now this will be my last post from Yuggoth.

Some strange dark blotches and patterns, stretching hundreds of miles across, have been found on across the equator of Pluto. Curt Niebur, a program scientist for NASA, has said regarding this patterns, “It’s weird that they’re spaced so regularly.”  These patterns are on the side of Pluto always facing it’s largest moon Charon, which is tidally connected with the planet, similar to how the same face of our moon is always facing the  Earth. What are these patterns, hundreds of miles across? Are they vast farms of an alien lichen or bacteria that chemotrophically feed off the minerals of Pluto?


Details of the terrain of Pluto (

In addition to the dark patterns, the most recent surveys of Pluto have identified mountains ranges and craters.  These mountains (shown below) are similar in size and scope to those of Appalachian Mountains; however, other mountains rages on Pluto were more similar to those of the Rocky Mountains.  Craters are also found among these mountains, filled with brighter material. These mountains and associated terrain are estimated to be billions of years old. Would a closer examination revealed large, basalt towers jutting out of the cliff faces of many of these mountains?


Mountain range of Pluto (

The mountains are in sharp contrast to the light colored, planar, heart-shaped region, called the Tombaugh Regio, which is relatively fresh topography created within the last 100 million years. The contrast between the old maintains and the young, flat, heart-shaped region indicates that there is some degree of recent geologic activity.


The heart-shaped Tombaugh Regio of Pluto (

In addition to the additional observation data on the terrain of Pluto, some new information has been collected on two of the smaller satellites of Pluto – Nix and Hydra. Nix is the smaller of the two and has a reddish bulls eye (possibly an impact crater), while Hydra is slightly larger and grey.


Nix and Hydra, two of the smaller moons of Pluto (

There are a total of five known moons of Pluto with the other three being  Charon, Kerberos and Styx. Each moon may have a distinct purpose or function for the Mi-Go; however at this point in time nothing is known what these functions could be. One hypothesis is that each moon is an established gateway or portal to another part of the universe or perhaps even beyond our space-time. However, as additional information is received and analyzed by NASA, additional details may reveal the habits and operations of the Mi-Go. The real question is, will NASA release such information to the public?

Next time, before we continue with more discussions on the Lovecraftian solar system, we will discuss a Mi-Go related, revisionist tale “Out of the Aeons,” co-written with Hazel Heald.  Thank you – Fred.


Will a closer examination of Yuggoth reveal Mi-Go cities among the moutains? Illustration by Roberts The Vile (


3 thoughts on “Notes from Yuggoth part 6 (mysterious dark blotches and lesser satellites)

  1. Interesting hypothesis about Ghatanothoa, since You might be covering Him next. As was mentioned in “The Whisperer in Darkness,” there used to be an elder race on Yuggoth that had died out and left Its ruins behind by the time the Mi-Go got there, which has led to some people like S. T. Joshi hypothesizing that there were much nastier things left behind the Mi-Go basically dumped wherever They could in the Solar System to get it off of Their main base. Like Our unlovely buddy on Mount Yaddith-Gho.

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