Notes From Yuggoth, part 4 (the Yuggothian System)


A size comparison among Pluto, Charon and Earth (

As NASA scientists sift through the data and release photos of Pluto and Charon, some truly amazing facts are emerging from the kingdom of the Mi-Go. First, the large, bright heart-shaped feature near Pluto’s equator is a mountain range with peaks as high as 11,000 ft. Based on a geologic analysis of these mountains, they are more than likely relatively young, no more than 100 million years ago, which suggests that Pluto may be currently geologically active. Unlike some large moons in the solar system, like Europa, whose geologic activity is largely the result of gravitational interactions with their large parent planets, like Jupiter, Pluto has no such external source for its internal heat. Thus, some other process would be responsible for such geological activity.  Is it possible that mining or other unknown planet-based activities of the Mi-Go are responsible for this geologic activity or is there a more natural process in place?


The water-ice mountains of Pluto (

Charon (possibly Kynarth?) has a fairly young surface, from a geological perspective, as well. Unlike our moon that is riddled with craters Charon surprisingly lacks such features, which is indicative of internal geological processes. More evidence for this includes the actual features that are present, such as cliffs and troughs that stretch approximately 600 miles across the moon’s surface. One canyon was identified to be between 4 to 6 miles deep. In addition, the north polar region of Charon has dark markings with a diffuse boundary, which may suggest a thin deposit or stain on the surface. Are these stains some type of strange alien crop, raised on the icy surface of Charon? Maybe the stain is some type of alien bacteria or lichen, entirely chemotrophic in nature, feeding of the minerals and inorganic compounds on the surface of Charon. Is Charon farmland for the Mi-Go? The Yuggoth system is strange indeed! Fred.


Pluto’s moon Charon. Note the dark stain in the polar region (



11 thoughts on “Notes From Yuggoth, part 4 (the Yuggothian System)

  1. Fascinating as usual…

    Apparently there’s a Mythos deity called Cxaxukluth that migrated from Xoth to Yuggoth and crawls underneath the surface, a cannibal in his own right. Perhaps Kynarth is being used as a farmland for Cxaxukluth?

      1. It would be a rather Lovecraftian concept – the Mi-Go fought to keep Cxaxukluth underneath, but one day he’ll rise, and the Mi-Go’ll flee to Earth…

        …oh God. That was WAYYYYYY too pastiche-y.

      1. Hm, clever…Cxaxukluth was said to have been created in the Court of Azathoth, so it’s probably a force of energy as opposed to an actual being. This might account for the internal heating.

        Cxaxukluth is fun to type.

      2. it may be! possibly the biochemical activities of an entity, generating an electromagnetic field, warming the planet’s core…

  2. It’s also possible that the ‘mountains’ are in fact the ‘mighty cities’ of the Mi-Go. It may be that the architecture is simply too alien (and the scale too colossal) for humans to recognize it as artificial, at least at the resolution of the available pictures.

  3. It should be noted that the feeble-minded human scientists have named Pluto’s dark region (formerly known as The Whale) Cthulhu Regio in honor of Our Dark Lord and Destroyer.
    Some speculate that solar ultraviolet radiation has turned methane into tar, and one Bill Nye The Science Human spoke of “long chain carbon molecule nitro tar”, which may account for the “black rivers of pitch” perhaps?

    1. it may needed be frozen methane and other simple hydrocarbons turning to liquid as a result of some possible internal, geologic activity.

      Thank you for the comment!

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