The Dunwich Horror: Meet the Twins, Part 1 Wilbur Whateley

The Dunwich Horror (Lavinia and one of the twins) by Viant-T (

Lavinia Whateley may or may not have been the result of inbreeding among the Whateley’s, since albinism is not solely the outcome of inbreeding; more than likely such deviant activities were involved in the birth of the Whateley twins.  More specifically, there is evidence to suggest that Old Wizard Whateley “contributed” toward the conception of the twins.  This evidence is the fact that when the appearance of Wilbur’s brother is revealed, it is noted that it has “a half-shaped man’s face on top of it, an’ it looked like Wizard Whateley’s, only it was yards an’ yards acrost…” (Lovecraft’s “The Dunwich Horror”).  Indeed, even before this revelation, it was suggested that Wilbur was the product of inbreeding (Sex and the Cthulhu Mythos by Bobby Derie).

Based on how the twins differed in appearance Wilbur and his brother were more than likely fraternal twins, meaning that they were from two different eggs, each fertilized by separate sperm cells (and something else; more on that in a future article).  This is in contrast to identical (also known as maternal) twins where the zygote (fertilized egg) will split and form two embryos.  Thus, Wilbur was more of a product of his human genes, while his twin was more of a product of the non-human traits of Yog-Sothoth.  This article focuses more on Wilbur.


Dunwich Portraits: Wilbur Whateley by Sorrow King (

From his birth Wilbur was an unusual looking being.  First off, Wilbur’s rate of growth was phenomenal when compared to that of a human.  He was walking on his own by seven months old and after eleven months he began to talk with an unusual accent.  His voice and the sounds he made had an alien quality as well.  As Wilbur continued to grow he was quite ugly; hairy with a goatish, even satyr-like appearance.  He had thick lips, yellowish skin, dark crinkly hair and long-pointed ears.  By ten Wilbur had the mind, voice and body of a fully grown man, continuing to grow in height.  At twelve years old Wilbur was six and three quarter feet tall.  In 1928, when Wilbur was 15 years old and attempted to steal the Olaus Wormius’ Latin translation of the Necronomicon from the Library of Miskatonic University, he was estimated to be almost nine feet tall.  Imagine what Wilbur’s final, mature height would have been if he lived beyond 15 years old.

When Wilbur was caught in the library by the University guard dog, he was attacked and eventually died from the injuries.  The dog tore off all of his clothes and some of his skin.  This is the first time we are exposed to the extra-dimensional, alien morphology of Wilbur Whateley.  The first unusual thing that was noticed was that Wilbur was in a pool of awful smelling, greenish-yellow ichor.  More than likely this fluid was Wilbur’s “blood.”  However, this blood was more analogous to haemolymph, which is the fluid that circulates through the body of an arthropod.  Arthropods are invertebrate animals that have exoskeletons, segmented bodies and jointed appendages.  Unlike vertebrates, which have a closed circulation system that pumps blood composed of red-colored hemoglobin, arthropods have greenish-yellow haemolymph that circulates throughout the interior of arthropod, washing over the organs in an open circulatory system.  Thus, Wilbur’s circulation system appears to be similar to that of a Terran arthropod.

Comparison of an open and close circulatory system.  Wilbur’s circulation system is similar to an open system (

According to Dr. Henry Armitage something from outside of our space-time fastened itself onto the developing zygotes of Lavinia’s and created beings only half composed of human flesh.  The following descriptions certainly appear to support this idea.  While above the torso Wilbur had a satyr-like but essentially human appearance, below the torso Wilbur had little resemblance to a human.  Above Wilbur’s waist his skin was reptilian in appearance colored yellow and black.  Below his waist his skin was covered with a thick fur and his abdomen was circled with a series of long, greenish-grey tentacles with red sucking mouthparts.  Over the years the people of Dunwich noticed strange markings on both Old Wizard Whateley and Lavinia.  Apparently these markings were similar in shape to the markings on Wilbur’s sucking mouthparts, which means that Wilbur was feeding of the blood of his grandfather and mother.


Wilbur Whateley by King Ov Rats (

Large rudimentary eyes were found on each of his hips, each circled by a series of pink cilia.  Wilbur also had a large tail with annular markings with a large undeveloped mouth.  His legs terminated in ridged and veined pads similar to what would be found on herbivorous dinosaurs.  As Wilbur struggled to breath as he died, his tentacles and tail rhythmically changed color similar to that of a squid or octopus.  Again, while separate, individual components of Wilbur’s morphology may have resembled certain Terran species, collectively his general appearance was unlike anything observed on Earth.


Death of Wilbur Whateley by Paul Mudie (

Once Wilbur died, his body immediately started to shrink and dissolved in some type of hyper-dimensional decomposition.  As with many beings from outside of our space-time, the matter that composed Wilbur was not entirely from our reality and must have needed an extensive amount of energy to maintain.  Once Wilbur died the stream of extra-dimensional energy that maintained his form in our space-time ceased and his hyper-dimensional matter immediately started to dissipate.  Other Lovecraftian entities from outside of our space-time have exhibited such reactions.  For example, the bodies of dead Mi-Go go through the same type of hyper-accelerated decomposition, leaving little to no trace of biological material.  More than likely this extra-dimensional matter is not antimatter but is instead matter from another dimension or universe.

The creation of Wilbur must have been Yog-Sothoth’s way of attempting to create a stable form of life made of its own native energy and matter.  In turn, Wilbur and his twin were supposed to prepare the Earth for the Old Ones, making it stable for their unique physical properties and cosmological constants.  Yog-Sothoth is the gate and the key but Wilbur and his twin were the designed custodians who were responsible for getting the house in order prior to the arrival of the new masters.  Part of these preparations involved clearing out the vermin, which included humanity.  However, what exactly was Wilbur’s twin role in this process?  This will be the discussion for the next article.  Thank you – Fred.


Wilbur Whateley by Sam Tremain

11 thoughts on “The Dunwich Horror: Meet the Twins, Part 1 Wilbur Whateley

  1. Last year I ran across one of HPL’s letters in which he specifically denies that the the Whateley brothers were the products of incest, no matter how clearly that is implied in the story itself. I think it was in the 2-volume collection of HPL-Derleth letters and I no longer have access to it, as it was from the library in my former town. Might want to track down the reference for completeness’ sake.

    By the way, on the subject of magical breeding experiments, we can look to no more authoritative a source than Aleister Crowley himself, who writes in ‘The Paris Working:’

    “This is the great idea of magicians in all time: —To obtain a Messiah by some adaptation of the sexual process.”

    “In Assyria they tried incest; also in Egypt; the Egyptians tried brothers and sisters, the Assyrians mothers and sons. Phoenicians tried fathers and daughters; Greeks and Syrians mostly bestiality. This idea came from India. The Jews sought to do this by invocation methods <>. The Mohammedans tried homosexuality; mediaeval philosophers tried to produce homunculi by making chemical experiments with semen.”

    “But the root idea is that any form of procreation other than the normal is likely to produce results of a magical character.”

    “Either the father of the child should be a symbol of the sun, or the mother a symbol of the moon.”

    —’The Vision & the Voice With Commentary and Other Papers: The Collected Diaries of Aleister Crowley, 1909-1914 E.V. (Equinox IV-2)’ Weiser, 1999.

    1. Thank you! I will address the issue of inbreeding in another article to be released tomorrow. Fred

    2. For those interested in such things, the full text of the Paris Working is online here:

      As noted, the rituals and the ‘inspired texts’ resulting from them (they would probably be called ‘channellings’ nowadays) occurred in January/February of 1914. They were not published until long after both Crowley and Lovecraft were dead, so as HPL had no contact with Crowley despite all legends to the contrary, the above passage certainly had no impact on the writing of ‘The Dunwich Horror.’ Sure fits though!

    3. I discuss this a bit more in “Sex and the Cthulhu Mythos” – it’s curious, given Crowley’s “The Moonchild,” Arthur Machen’s “The Great God Pan,” Algernon Blackwood’s “Julius LeVallon,” and Lovecraft’s “The Dunwich Horror” that Kenneth Grant rarely broached the subject of magical conception in his Lovecraftian occult works. Robert M. Price does connect the bit of ceremonial planetary sex magick with Lovecraft’s “The Dunwich Horror” in stories like “Wilbur Whateley Waiting.”

      Re: the Incest quote – HPL and Derleth did discuss incest a bit in Essential Solitude, when the subject came up, but not directly in reference to “The Dunwich Horror.” So I think you might be mistaken on that score.

  2. “At twelve years old Wilbur was six and three quarter inches tall.”

    Pretty sure You meant ‘feet.’ As per the incest thing, that’s very clearly not what happened. The Dunwich folk speculate that it is, but Armitage clearly understands that it’s something much worse and, besides, Lovecraft explicitly stated that incest had nothing to do with it. I’d track down the quote, but apparently someone else is already doing so.

    The story itself suggests that the Twins Themselves will let the Old Ones in, Wilbur performing the ritual and the Other acting as the Gate. I always assumed a hybrid like the Twin was needed for such a thing because whatever Gate it becomes would transmute the Old Ones passing through it, working a bit of mundane organic matter into Their forms so They can exist in this Space/Time. Likewise Their intent seems to be to “clear it off” so They can drag it away to Their own dimension of being. Why They’d need to clear it first I couldn’t say, though. Unless the act of dragging it away is what would clear it off. Or perhaps Our collective biomass being on it somehow inhibits it being shifted out of phase? After all, if They can’t normally exist here, the inverse is likely to be true.

    1. I guess I was talking about ant man! Thank you for pointing that out – I will make the change. As for the question of inbreeding I will address you comments as well as Frater Julianus’s in a “mini-article” that I will release tomorrow. Thank you for the comments! Fred

    2. Or perhaps it’s just that planets can only be moved from one dimension to another by ‘pushing’ from their current one, which would require the Old Ones to enter our reality to do the job?

  3. Consider what Armitage said about Wilbur’s twin: “It looked more like the father than he did.” In other words, the resemblance to Noah Whateley is only because they are Lavinia’s children. They both have Yog-Sothoth as father.

    Fans of incest can still entertain themselves by asking what kin to Noah was Lavinia’s mother.

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