Kickstarter for Lovecraftian Science

Well the Kickstarter was not successful but I do want to thank everyone who contributed toward it. It was a learning experience to say the least. I probably did the dumbest thing you can with the Kickstarter and that is starting the campaign just before Thanksgiving and having it proceed through the Holiday Season. It’s not surprising that the number of people who signed on increased dramatically after New Year’s (people are busy over the Holiday Season!). Second, a lot of people asked for a hard copy of the document so I am looking into producing a 48 page chapbook of Volume 1 and offering it as part of a future campaign. Thus, if you are interested in a copy of Lovecraftian Science, a second attempt will be made sometime over the next few weeks.

I do want to thank everyone who supported the first campaign, including Mike Davis at the Lovecraft eZine and Niels Hobbs, founder and coordinator of the 2013 and upcoming 2015 NecronomiCon. To other people, such as Scott Jones and Joe Kontor and many, many others include many people on Facebook, I thank you as well for your support.

Thus, while the Kickstarter was not successful, Steve Maschuck and I will give it another go in the near future. Meanwhile, the WordPress page will continue including a wrap up of cannibalism in “The Rates in the Walls” and a detailed analysis of one of Lovecraft’s favorites of his own stories – “The Colour Out of Space.”

Again, thank you one and all – Fred.

blue elder

A sketch of an Elder Thing by Steve Maschuck



9 thoughts on “Kickstarter for Lovecraftian Science

  1. I am just sorry I couldn’t put more into it. I have really enjoyed your articles an would really love to get on board when you try again. Good luck and don’t lose heart.

    1. Thanks Scott – appreciate your support and Steve and I will give it another go in the near future! This time with the inclusion of a print version as one of the rewards. Thanks again – Fred.

    1. Thank you for the offer! I was thinking of starting with a chapbook and going from them (sort of baby steps – have a company in PA willing to print a chapbook version) – its also nice to know that you offer editorial and formatting services because we would certainly need that for whatever format the document takes. Such services were included in our Kickstarter budget. Thanks again! Fred.

  2. I agree that printed text would grab more responses. I would certainly have contributed more for that option. I desperately hoped that you would succeed as I enjoy what you do. I hope that you have learned enough to succeed the next time. I’ll contribute then as well. Good luck.

  3. Hey Fred. I’ve never written you until now (look for a comment on your next posting as well) but always think of YOU as THE Lovecraftian Science Guy–and that’s working w/Niels as well! We’ll meet up in August, where I’ll be more than happy to talk your project up to the publishers there. The Stars WILL Be right for this project!
    The joey Zone
    NecronomiCon Providence 2015

    1. Thank you very much for the kind comments! Doing the Kickstarter over the Holidays was not the brightest move on my part. Also, a lot of people have been asking for print copies so we will probably give it another go in a few weeks, with Print rewards. Thanks again! Fred.

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