The Music of Erich Zann – Attempting to prevent the annilation of the universe

The Rue d’ Auseil in The Music of Erich Zann (by Johnny Craig)

Before we delve into how Erich Zann was keeping those unknown forces under control with his music, I wanted to talk a little more about what these forces may represent.

Unfortunately, we may never know why Erich Zann felt compelled to play his viol in front of the high gable window.  Although he documented his reason in writing, these papers were blown into the interstellar winds.  However, based on a critical piece of information we can develop potential hypotheses for consideration.  Specifically, the fact that the protagonist in the story “cannot find the house, the street, or even the locality” he occupied for months as a university graduate student of metaphysics is extremely telling.  While the protagonist himself does note that his physical and mental health was substantially affected by the incident with Erich Zann at the residence on the street known as the Rue d’ Auseil, the fact that he can not find the building he previously lived in is perplexing and peculiar.

Previously we presented Stephen Hawking’s Wave Function of the Universe concept, which looks at the birth of the Universe from a quantum perspective.  In this idea there are an infinite number of all possible universes but we happen to live in the universe that had the highest probability of being stable to support life.

Demonstration of Hawking’s wave function of the Universe (from

While all of this is highly speculative, scientists say that sometime in the future we may have both the knowledge and technology necessary to test hypotheses that could provide evidence for parallel universes.  However, one idea that I have seen physicists such as Michio Kaku and Frank Close mention in discussions of parallel universes is that our universe is the only one that developed to allow life to emerge and evolve.  Well, how to they know this?  If we don’t have the technology yet to test / confirm the existence of parallel universes, how do we know if these other universe harbor life?  In addition, this life could be so radically different from us that we may not even recognize it as life.

Getting back to The Music of Erich Zann, the forces or entities that Zann held back with his music may have been some form of extra-universal life, trying to filter into our universe.  Even more concerning than a parallel universe, could this intruding force or entity be made of antimatter?  Was Zann trying to avoid the annihilation of the cosmos by preventing antimatter from spilling into our universe?

Based on current scientific thought, before the Big Bang matter and antimatter co-existed, would quickly come into contact with each other and be annihilated, resulting in a burst of energy in the form of gamma radiation (Antimatter by Frank Close, published in 2010).  If there were equal amounts of matter and antimatter when the Big Bang occurred, everything would have been annihilated – our universe would have blipped out of existence before it was even born some 14 billion years ago.  Since this did not happen after the subsequent cooling of the universe after the Big Bang, there must have been slightly more matter than antimatter.  Many particle physicists today are trying to figure out why this is the case.

When an electron (matter) and a positron (antimatter) make contact they immediately annihilate each other in a burst of intense gamma radiation (upper portion of figure –

We know that matter is all around us.  In fact, with a few minor expectations (such as gamma rays coming from the center of the Milky Way or intense solar flares) existing evidence indicates that practically everything within several hundred million light years of us is made of matter (Close, 2010).  However, the Earth is a rare and unquie place relative to the rest of the universe.  For example, hydrogen is a rare element on Earth but is the most abundant element in the universe.  In contrast, the heavier elements, which are quite abundant on Earth are very rare in the universe.  Could antimatter be the same?  Could there be a distant corner of our universe where antimatter actually exists?  This is highly unlikely, since unless it was contained in some very specific manner, it would make physical contact with matter and result is its annilation.  However, antimatter does exist (although very fleetingly) and it may be possible that a parellel universe is made of antimatter – an antimatter universe.

This is where Erich Zann’s music comes into play.  We know he was trying to prevent something from entering our universe through the high gable window by playing his strange music.  Was this “something” a force or entity composed of antimatter?  Zann is described as being a small, lean, bent person, having a satyr-like face and nearly bald head – was he suffering from radiation poisoning?  Maybe Zann and his music was a barrier for antimatter and maybe his efforts were successful but at the cost of his own life.

Erich Zann – preventing the annihilation of the universe (from

The antimatter “thing” may have briefly entered our universe through the gable window and Zann used his own “matter” and music to annihilate it.  The result may have been a quantum fluctuation, which produced an adjustment to our universe.  This adjustment essentially removed the house, the street, the locality and Erich Zann from our reality.  If the protagonist remained in the room with Zann he to would have been annihilated.  Although he ran out of the room, he was still fairly close to the gable window when the annihilation occurred and thus was within the quantum field; the outcome of this is he still remembers the Rue d’ Auseil.  Thus, the protagonist is the only person who knows that Erich Zann prevented the annihilation of our universe.

Next time we will discuss how Zann’s music may have functioned in preventing antimatter from spilling into our universe.  Thank you – Fred

The Music of Erich Zann (by Angela Demure)


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  1. Mic drop!

    Seriously, that was amazing to read. AMAZING to read. Its one of the best articles on Lovecraft and science that I’ve ever seen.

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