Postscript: Clark Ashton Smith’s Mercury

After I posted my article on Lovecraft’s Mercury, a friend of mine on Facebook, Hiraku Takeoka, suggested the story “The Immortals of Mercury” by Clark Ashton Smith.  I have been reading quite a bit of Smith’s work and many of his stories occur on other planets throughout our solar system.  Since I never read this story before and gave it a try and found it very enjoyable.  It was very entertaining and highly recommend reading it.

While I will not go into the details of the story, it is interesting to note that Smith emphasized the large temperature differences on Mercury with boiling hot conditions on the “daylight side” and frozen glaciers on the “nightward side.”

The natives who lived on the surface were animal-like “savages” called the Dlukus that were covered with heavy scales like a reptile.  The creatures had a particularly cruel and nasty way of dealing with potential threats or enemies which ended with a banquet.

Another race – the immortals – lived under the surface of Mercury and the description of that species reminded me of a human-sized version of the Engineers from Prometheus (2012).  In any event, I highly recommend this Clark Ashton Smith story on Mercury and thank Hiraku for directing me toward it.  Thank you – Fred.

The Engineers from the 2012 movie Prometheus (




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