From Beyond, Part 5 – The Biology of From Beyond

As previously mentioned, once the Tillinghast device or the Resonator is turned on, portions of our reality unknown to us is revealed.  This includes discovering that our air and space is actually composed of other entities or creatures.  However, once the field is generated with either machine, not only can we see the unknown, but the unknown can see us.  This means that two previously separated biological ecosystems suddenly come into contact.  This article is a discussion on some of the biological entities that are revealed once the Tillinghast device or the Resonator is turned on.

Old Gregory and Mrs. Updike (by iposterbot).  The unpleasant biological result when the Tillinghast device is turned on in the HPL story From Beyond.

Once unknown parts of the Universe are revealed to us, it turns out space is filled with a variety of inter-dimensional beings.  HPL described these creatures as “inky, jellyfish monstrosities which flabbily quivered in harmony with the vibrations from the machine.”  The creatures are also described as floating in the air and feeding off each other.  To me, this sounds very much like plankton.

Plankton is essentially a group of animals, plants, protists and other microorganisms that are free-floating in water.  These organisms spend the majority of their lives floating in the surface waters of lakes and oceans.  Examples on some of these organisms are shown below:

Diversity of marine zooplankton (

Freshwater phytoplankton (

I hypothesize that many of the creatures revealed once the machine is turned on would ecologically function as planktonic organisms, floating aimlessly through and among the dimensions.  Once the waves are generated it’s like looking at a drop of pond water through a microscope.  We see all kinds of creatures we never knew existed when we go for a swim.  Trillions of tiny little organisms floating with us in the lake or pond.  Only in the case of the Tillinghast device, they are macroscopic, floating throughout the air and can drift right through our bodies.  More importantly when the machine is on, this extra-dimensional macroplankton are able to see us as we can see them.

Example of some marine macroplankton – jellyfish.  Could some of the strange multi-dimensional creatures revealed by the Tillinghast device look like these creatures? (

In Stuart Gordon’s movie From Beyond, the Resonator revealed the presence of this multi-dimensional plankton

Like the plankton of the oceans and lakes, the multi-dimensional plankton do not just passively drift with the currents.  There is competition for nutrient and resources and there is predation.  For example, as cited in HPL’s story, “Sometimes they appeared to devour one another, the attacker launching itself at its victim and instantaneously obliterating the latter from site.”  I have seen such violent predator-prey interactions among zooplankton.

In live plankton samples collected from Castle Lake, CA I have seen the predaceous copepod Cyclops speed across the microscopic field and tear into the small-bodied cladoceran Bosmina, which feeds primarily on bacteria and tiny algal cells.  Such quick and violent predation is common in aquatic plankton and apparently it is common in other dimensions as well.

Predaceous copepod Cyclops, which feeds on other, smaller zooplankton (

Small-bodied cladoceran Bosmina, which is prey for Cyclops (

While this extra-dimensional plankton stew is floating all around us, it is only revealed when the machine is on and the waves are generated.  However, as I previously mentioned, the Tillinghast machine is sort of a two-way microscope, where both the plankton and the human can see each other at the same time.  This “contact” between two inter-dimensional ecosystems can obviously have a profound impact on each.  In the next article, the last focusing on From Beyond, we will discuss the potential interactions between these two inter-dimensional ecosystems.  Thank you – Fred

Some of the creatures “From Beyond” (





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