Necronomcion Convention talk – Biology of the Old Ones, Part 22 – Brief Introduction to the Deep Ones

We are now moving away from Lovecraft’s extra-dimensional entities and back to Terran life.  Specifically, over the next series of articles we will be discussing the Deep Ones.

A Deep One in the later stages of metamorphosis (artwork by Steve Maschuck)

The Deep Ones are a race of bipedal, marine creatures, found throughout the oceans of the world.  In addition to referring to this aquatic race, the name “Deep Ones” also refers to the entities that are the genetic “product” of the hybridization of humans (Homo sapiens) and Deep Ones (Homo aquatium).  It may be controversial to place the Deep Ones within the same genus as humans, however, the fact that these two population groups can have offspring is strong evidence to support this taxonomic decision.

A number of subjects will be discussed in the upcoming weeks to months regarding the Deep Ones such as a description of the metamorphorsis of the hybrids from human to Deep One, how the hybrids may differ and be similar to “pure” Deep Ones, and theories as to how and why such hybridization occurs (is it simply an outcome of natural selection or is it part of an experiment of artificial selection?).  Other issues such as general biology and religious practices will also be covered.

August Derleth’s The Mask of Cthulhu (cover art by R. Taylor)

Finally, it should be noted that while the name “Deep One” was first coined in HPL’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth, it was only used twice in that story and both only occur in the last three paragraphs.  This is really a testament to HPL’s powerful ability to capture one’s imagination with his storytelling.  Next time we will discuss in detail the metamorphosis of human to Deep One in the hybrids.  Thank you – Fred


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