Necronomicon Convention talk – Biology of the Old Ones, Part 20 – Mi-Go: Made of Different Stuff

Beyond their interest in Earth for some rare materials, very little is known about the Mi-Go.  We do know they came to Earth approximately 160 million years ago and battled with the Elder Ones, which resulted in the Mi-Go occupying the northern hemisphere of the planet.  The one idea that HPL repeatedly mentioned in The Whisperer in Darkness, as well as in At the Mountains of Madness, was that…”the Mi-Go seem to have been composed of matter more widely different from that which we know than was the substances of the Old Ones” (or us for that matter).

Army of Yuggoth by Uwe Jarling – In: The Art of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, edited by Pat Harrigan and Brian Wood

To emphasize the fact that the Mi-Go are composed of very different matter than humans, Elder Ones and Shoggoths, HPL identified a number of unique properties of these entities.

First, the body of a dead Mi-Go quickly dissolved into a green sticky substance.  This extremely high rate of decomposition is not due conventional microbial breakdown of organic matter.  Instead, it is more than likely due to the fact that the Mi–Go are an extension into our dimension, which requires a considerable amount of energy to manifest and maintain.  Once a Mi-Go dies and the stream of maintenance energy is cut off, the extra-dimensional matter they are composed of quickly dissipates back into its resident dimension.

While we (including Carl Sagan), oak trees, Elder Ones and Shoggoths are all made of the same stuff, the Mi-Go are not

Second, every time a human was in close proximity to a Mi-Go in The Whisperer in Darkness, two things were consistently experienced.  These included a strange odour and, more importantly, a strange sense or feeling of vibrations.  A suggested hypothesis for this strange feeling of vibration is provided below.

Third, the Mi-Go can not be photographed with ordinary emulsions.  However, using specialized chemicals, some modified techniques could be used to capture the Mi-Go on photographs or film.  HPL’s explanation for this was that Mi-Go matter, specifically the electrons of their atoms vibrate at a different frequency their our own matter.  Specially, HPL said the Mi-Go are…”composed of a form of matter total alien to our part of space – with electrons having a wholly different vibration-rate.”  In turn, this is why they could not be photographed.

In the 1920’s the sub-discipline of sub-atomic physics was in its infancy but HPL was very interested in this emerging science.  In specific reference to electrons, our Universe can be thought of as an electron field, where all of the electrons are a localized vibration within that field.  The electrons, and thus atoms, are vibrating in a relatively consistent manner in our Universe.  For example, for the most part, atomic vibrations in our Universe have a frequency of 1013 Hz with amplitudes of 10-11 m.  It is obvious that Mi-Go atoms have vibration frequencies and amplitudes that are substantially different that us.  This “difference” between the extra-dimensional fields is what a human senses or feels when in close proximity to a Mi-Go.

Fourth, Mi-Go are clumsy entities in our Universe.  They walk funny, sort of like penguins, and they fly like sting bugs.   They are not graceful in the least bit on land or in the air.  This is due to the fact that they are not adapted to the Universal rules, constants and laws established in our reality.  More than likely a Mi-Go flying through space is far more graceful than a Mi-Go puttering away in our atmosphere.

Shot of a Mi-Go flying in the moonlight from The Whisperer in Darkness movie (2011)

To conclude, Mi-Go are very different organisms relative to both Terran life and the entities we have discussed on this blog site to date.  Next time we will discuss Mi-Go technology and how it is strongly integrated into their biology.  Thank you – Fred

6 thoughts on “Necronomicon Convention talk – Biology of the Old Ones, Part 20 – Mi-Go: Made of Different Stuff

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  2. Hello…again…its Brian.

    Cool thoughts about the Mi-Go. They always seemed so creepy and hostile to me…probably the scariest of the fictional races of Lovecraft.

    The vibration theory shortly comes up in “The Shadow Out of Time.” The Great Race of Yith will make their OWN vibrations tuned to the displaced mind’s, and vice versa.

    Just a quick note!


    1. Yes, I can’t wait to “dive” into The Shadow Out of Time – more than like I will be discussing this story, the concept of traveling through time and the Yithians sometime starting in March.


      1. Yes; the Yithians are a very interesting topic. The body-switching/time-traveling device (in Lovecraft’s fiction, I mean) is a fascinating way of writing a horror novel (keeping in mind that body switching is usually a source of comedy. Yet “The Thing on the Doorstep” still gives me the shivers!).

        Looking forward to it!


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