Some General Notes Before Moving On

Hello –

Before I move on to the next article, I have a few pieces of information to share.  First, a number of people have asked me if I will be talking about the Mi-Go (must be one of Lovecraft’s more popular entities).  Yes, I will be talking about the Mi-Go.

I have about three more articles in mind on the Elder Ones; one on their reproduction; another on their history on Earth and the third on their relationship with the Shoggoths.  Originally, I was going to move to the Deep Ones after the Elder Ones, as I did in my presentation at the Necronomicon.  However, due to the interest in the Mi-Go, I will move to them after the Elder Ones, which will probably happen sometime in November.

Second, a number of people have mentioned to me that they to have either conducted their own investigations into Lovecraftian science or have heavily incorporated scientific concepts and ideas into their weird fiction.  People such as David Conyers who incorporates Lovecraftian science into his  books “The Weaponized Puzzle” and “The Eye of Infinity” and short stories; or Duane Pesice whose fiction also includes Lovecraftian themes; or Georges T. Dodds who shared with me some interesting abstracts of papers from the Proceedings of the Miskatonic Cthulhian Society (  I would like to say if anyone has any information they would like to share relative to the subject of Lovecraftian science, please feel free to participate on this blog.

Third, there are a number of small press publishers I would like to compliment for their outstanding work in Lovecraftian / weird fiction.  There is Mike Davis’s Lovecraft Ezine and Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Innsmouth Free Press.  Both produce consistently high quality ezine’s of excellent weird fiction.  In addition, there are others such as Dark Hall Press and Martian Migraine Press whose weird literary products I look forward to reading in the near future.  Please check out all of these publishers.  If you enjoy Lovecraftian fiction, and weird fiction in general, they are worth your time.  These are not paid endosements, they are publishers I either enjoy or look forward to enjoying.

I also want to compliment David Haden for his incredible blog site  His site is a wealth of information all things Lovecraft.  In addition, David Draa and others at produce a highly informative and professional website that is worth visiting on a very regular basis.

The next upcoming article will be on the reproductive cycle of the Elder Ones (I promise).  Thank you for your time.  Fred


6 thoughts on “Some General Notes Before Moving On

  1. Awesome. Totally enjoying the discussion, which takes up more or less where I leave off fictionally. I’m mostly concerned with the deep-space origins of some of HPLs beasties, and the methods whereby humankind can be morphed into members of the various servitor races (Deep Ones, ghouls, Leng zombis, etc.). Another preoccupation is how the Dreamlands intersects with various worlds.
    Thanks for the shout-out, and don’t be surprised if you meet a gruesome death or go mad in some story somewhen 🙂

    1. Hey Duane – thank you for the kind words. Like you I am very interested in the biology of HPL’s creations from a very scientific perspective. While my interests are heavily focused on biology, I do try to incorporate some of the other sciences, particularly astronomy since that was HPL’s favorite scientific discipline. Once the discussion on the Elder Ones and Shoggoths is complete, the blog site will move toward discussions on the Mi-Go (due to requests from a number of people who visit the site). However, later discussions will focus on the Deep Ones and the genetic mechanisms / ramifications of hybridization with humans. Finally, I am also interested in the Dreamlands but more on the biological / ecological aspects of the Dreamlands ecosystems. Again, thank you for the kind words and I look forward to chatting again with you soon! – Fred

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