Beginning of Lovecraftian Science


Hey everyone – I created this blog in response to the very positive experience I had at the Necronomicon just a few days ago in Providence, RI.  Everyone was wonderful, the experience was fantastic and Niels Hobbs, the coordinator of the convention, should be congratulated by everyone who attended and participated.  It was  a lot of fun and as a result of that experience, I feel like continuing to contribute to the Lovecraftian community as a whole.

At the convention, I gave a talk on the biology of some of the Old Ones and I received some positive input from the participates.  I would like to continue to investigate Lovecraftian Science as a whole (biology, astronomy, chemistry, etc.) and I thought doing it through a blog would be the best means.

I will be talking about Lovecraft’s love for science, how he incorporated a wide variety of scientific theories  into his fiction and pose questions on how science would operate in Lovecraft’s world.  Based on existing text and essays, I will also identify how Lovecraft was a strong advocate and defender of science.  Finally, I will also compare Lovecraft’s attribute toward science to more contemporary scientists and writers.

I hope this blog also serves as an avenue for others to communicate and participate in this discussion.  Thank you.



4 thoughts on “Beginning of Lovecraftian Science

  1. I hope you will cover the science behind the Mi-Go, what with them not showing up on photographs. Doesn’t fit in with what we know about light today, but I think Lovecraft was drawing on some avant-garde scientific theories of his time. Would be cool to learn more about the theories he was referencing.

    1. Hey Christian – absolutely. The Mi-Go were covered in part of my talk at the Necronomicon and this included some of the theories Lovecraft was using in his fiction. I will cover the Mi-Go in more detail on the blog than I did in the talk.

      It’s very interesting that some of the ideas he put in were cutting edge science at the time (e.g. quantum mechanics) while others were antiquated and loosing stream due to lack of evidence (e.g. ether in the space). He also actually changed one of the scientific theories in a story due to new evidence (At the Mountains of Madness). Again I will be covering all of this on the blog site. Thanks!

  2. This is one of the most fascinating blogs I have ever read. I just started playing the Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG and this website is filled to the brim with awesome information and speculation. Thank you!

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